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How Pitch Videos Can Help Your Startup Get Funding

When you’re about to launch a startup, gaining the interest and support of startup investors is an important element in becoming a successful brand. These days, videos are a great way of communicating information and landing you anything from seed funding to crowdfunding.

After all, a great pitch video can grab your investors’ and consumers’ attention alike, and can be more entertaining than a pitch deck. So if you’re considering going down the route of a pitch video for your startup, you’re in luck. 

In this post, we show you everything you need to know about pitch videos, why they’re so great, and how to create one that reels people in.

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What is a pitch video?

You might be wondering exactly what a pitch video is. To keep it simple, a pitch video is a short visual presentation that describes your business and the services you offer. It’s a way for you to find potential startup investors who could contribute to your business. 

Traditionally, startup pitches are presented in the form of a pitch deck. And while it’s still very much common today, the digital era has made it possible to do entire presentations and pitches in the form of high-quality videos that truly show your story and mission as a brand.

Creating a pitch video gives you an advantage by catching the attention of potential investors and standing out among your other competitors. Pitch videos allow you to create a personal and deep connection with your audience, which can lead future startup investors to take interest in your business and services. 

How can you benefit from pitch videos?

They are attention grabbing.

Even with the regular cold pitch deck, you have a limited time to engage with your investors and make them interested. According to Hubspot, over 64% of customers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it, which also applies to pitch videos as well. 

video pitch

Within a few minutes you need to impress the investors enough that they’d be willing to help fund your business. When you pitch your startup through a video, you get to create a fun and eye-catching pitch while presenting the full details of your services. 

They help raise more funds for your business.

A pitch video makes it easier for you to tell the goals and motivations of your business. This gives your audience an inner and personal look into the workings on your startup. 

Startups like Lumi managed to raise enough money for their business thanks to crowdfunding. Pitch videos raise 66% more money compared to campaigns that don’t utilize videos. When future investors watch and find interest in your pitch, they would be motivated in donating for your cause — even if your funding round is done completely with the average Joe.

They can be customized. 

A great advantage in creating your pitch video is that you can customize them to suit the type of investors you want to engage with. When you pitch your startup through a video, it gives you the creative freedom to put the interest and goals you would like startup investors to see. 

They give your brand a personal touch. 

Cold decks usually have a lot of informational slides with some pictures inserted in between. 

These can easily seem boring to investors, especially when the slides are too long. This is where pitch videos come in handy. 

Videos add a more direct touch when presenting your pitch. They give your proposal a fun and exciting take, while at the same time getting straight to the point of your pitch. 

Pitch videos also allow your business to save costs, while being an effective marketing tool that would help your startup gain attention and investors. 

Sadly, not everyone has the time, funds, or team to help them create a quality pitch video. It is important for all startups to find a partner that can help you with your proposal, and get you the exposure needed to have your startup funded. 

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How pitch videos can get your startup funded

Now let’s get to why doing a pitch video can increase your chances of getting your startup funded by the right people.

They tell the story behind your “why.”

Every startup owner has a reason and a purpose in launching their business. When making your pitch video, telling the reason why you decided to create your startup shows your audience how passionate you are about your cause. 

Show your future customers and investors the reasons why you want to spread the goals and message of your brand. Presenting them with a sincere video about your startup shows them the dedication and love you have for your business, which can lead them to help support and fund your startup. 

Here’s an example of a pitch video that does just this from a startup called the nu company. Instead of telling potential investors and funding partners the “what” of their product, they focus on the big why — why their product has a place in the world, and what funding that product means to the many people who can stand to benefit from it.

They showcase your product or service.

Once you have caught the attention and interest of your audience through the reasons why your startup was created, the next step is to show them what your product or offer can do or provide. 

When you pitch your startup with a video, your startup investors and customers get to see your products and services in action. Showcasing what you have to offer let’s your audience have a look and feel into your startup. 

Think product demos or case studies that speak to the results and success a customer of your product might enjoy. Or create beautiful product showcases similar to how Apple reveals their new tech with stunning details and exciting editing.

Once investors see that they can relate or make use of your business, they are more likely to want to fund you. And you can do just this with some beautiful videos that bring out the best of your product.

They tease investors to learn more.

Looking for potential investors can be an overwhelming task — much less finding those who might be remotely interested in funding your startup. 

Fortunately, there are some ways to get these investors’ attention. Why not try using pitch videos as teasers to your startup, and invite them to learn more and get on a call if their interest is piqued?

If you’re wondering exactly how to find these potential investors who would love to see your teaser pitch video, they might just be at your fingertips. There are thousands of investors all around the world who could be interested in your startup, and they might just be hiding on social media platforms you’re already frequenting.

For instance, your next investors just might be lurking on LinkedIn, where most professionals hang out. If you can share and reshare your pitch video, you might just catch the eye of one of them.

Be strategic in your posts, and keep connecting with people online. You’ll never know who’ll turn into your next big business backer.

They double as a video ad.

The great thing about pitch videos is that they save you the time of creating an advertisement. Videos are one of the best ways to promote your startup and reel in interested backers. Here are a few reasons why your pitch video can also make for an effective video ad:

You’ll get more engagement.

Most of us prefer videos over all other types of content. That’s why video ads are a great way to introduce your brand and services. Your pitch video acts both as a proposal and an advertisement, which leads to your audience wanting to know more. 

You get your message across better.

You can reach millions of people around the world through video ads. This drives traffic towards your website or social media. Videos are more likely to be watched all the way till the end, and they are better at encouraging your audience to take action and check out your startup. 

You can easily share them on social media.

Get your audience to know more about your startup. Social media is now one of the most popular ways to communicate and advertise your brand.  With a pitch video, you will have an easier time gaining the attention of customers and investors through online platforms. 

You’ll eliminate misinterpretations.

Finally, with a pitch video, you provide your investors with a clear image of what your business is about. This removes the risk of having your message misinterpreted by the public or by potential investors themselves. 

You get to show your startup in the image you want it to be in, as well as showcase your products in the exact way you want to present them.

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Tips to remember when creating a pitch video

Plan out your script carefully.

The script is one of the most important elements in filming any video. Make sure your script is attention-grabbing and compelling to your audience. Your videos should relay an easy to understand yet professional message, while also giving potential backers an idea of what to expect when they decide to invest in you. 

Keep it short and simple.

Be sure to make your video brief, to ensure you don’t lose the attention of your audience. Remember to highlight the “why” in your startup instead of the specific details just yet. This ensures that you catch the interest of investors and make an emotional connection through your pitch.

Invest in your pitch video production.

A good video requires quality production. For your pitch video to get the attention and praise needed, you should be willing to invest in its video production. Remember a quality video is what makes your audience interested and spread the word about your startup. 


Videos that feature people smiling have a great impact on how people interact with your business. When you showcase staff or clients smiling when mentioning your startup, you boost your chances of having investors interested in your brand. 

Don’t forget your CTA

Though call to actions are sometimes considered as unwanted plug-ins, they are actually a must have when creating a pitch video. Calls to action (CTAs) save you the hassle of having to look for a contact or creating a reply. Additionally, they empower your customers to engage with your business once they are ready. 


Launching and funding a startup isn’t an easy task. You need to be willing to put in the time, money and effort it takes to boost your business. Through the use of pitch videos, you can gain the attention of potential startup investors by presenting them with a personal and well-produced video. Once you have their interests, and get them to relate with your goals, they are more likely to provide funds for your startup. 

Unfortunately, not all startup owners have the resources for producing a pitch video. That’s why partnering with companies whose services are to help startups is a major step in achieving your startup’s goals.

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