Awesome Business Networking Sites You Should Know About

Get involved in some of the lesser-known but truly awesome business networking sites such as IdeaBlob, BizSugar and Ziggs.

Are you already on LinkedIn, Xing, BizNik, Plaxo, and Facebook? Great! Now it’s time to start trying some less-popular, equally-awesome business networking sites. Granted, they don’t have the 19 million members that LinkedIn does, but remember that it’s all about the quality of the relationships that you build, not the quantity.    


IdeaBlob is an online business community where entrepreneurs and small biz owners network, share their expertise, ideas, and receive feedback from not only their peers, but also renowned guest experts. Something which is unique about this site is that every month everyone votes on the best business idea, and the winner gets $10,000 from Advanta Bank Corp to fund their venture. Something definitely worth checking out if you have some innovative ideas.


If you’re already familiar with the workings of Digg, you will be comfortable using bizSugar. This site allows small business owners and entrepreneurs to read about, share, and vote for the best business ideas, trends, strategies, and innovations. Instead of actual networking, this site is useful for keeping yourself updated on what others are doing out there.


This global community portal for business leaders has over 140,000 members and reaches over 987,000 people a month. You can create your own profile and contribute articles, network with peers in your niche, or find out about events you can attend.

Intuit Community

This site was created by Intuit, publisher of QuickBooks and other financial software packages. The online community offers advice on how to start and grow your business and it has community forums especially targeted to accountants.


With your Ziggs account you can join groups and make contacts to increase your company’s online presence and take your own personal career to the next level.


This is the site for you if you seek to attract young professionals in cities like Orlando, Boston, Phoenix, Dallas, and Las Vegas. NetParty allows you to connect with qualified, talented young professionals, then meet them at a real-life event where you can hand out business cards, communicate new job openings and a whole lot more.

Networking For Professionals

It’s another online community that offers resources on the Internet, combined with real-life meetings and events. You can post photos, videos, and your résumé on your profile while you reach and meet new business contacts.

Now get out there, get involved in business networking sites, build strong relationships, and grow your business by positioning yourself as an expert in your field.

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