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Zeke Camusio is a serial entrepreneur, Internet Marketing expert and founder of The Outsourcing Company, an Internet marketing agency with offices in Aspen, CO and New York. Read Let’s Do It!, Zeke's Internet marketing blog, with thousands of followers.
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How to Use Photos to Make Your Blog POP!

So, you’ve finally stopped procrastinating and written a beautiful article for your blog. It felt great, because the idea has been bugging you for a week and now you’re finally done. You’ve taken our advice...
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How to NOT Twitter Away Your Time

The most dangerous thing about Social Marketing is how addicting it can be. You can easily waste an entire morning getting lost in a Twitter conversation or adding Facebook friends. These services are designed to...
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What Makes Videos Viral?

Video marketing is a hot trend right now. Between social networking and the power of YouTube, viral video marketing has taken the Internet by cyber storm. The strategy behind viral marketing is “word-of-mouth.” People pass...
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Customer-Generated Social Media Marketing

Customer-generated social media marketing focuses on your fans and customers. They are your best online “word of mouth” advertising. The biggest mistake companies make when launching social media campaigns is forgetting about the important role...
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Content Management Systems – Why You Need One

Content Management Systems (CMS) are computer applications that manage your work flow better. They allow you to easily create, edit, index and publish text and digital media.     If web design isn’t your thing, CMS...
process mapping
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Forum Posting: The Internet Marketing Underdog

Want to know what your customers really want and need from you? Go to a forum. Forums and online discussion boards are internet platforms where like-minded people go to find solutions to their problems. Posting...
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How to Multiply Your Twitter Followers by 10

In 2008 Twitter grew by 752%. That’s rapid growth. According to the market research firm Compete, Twitter currently attracts more than 19 million monthly unique visitors. That’s a lot of people. Twitter offers you and...
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The Missed Link of Social Media Marketing

“I’ve been doing Social Media Marketing for a few months, and I don’t see the results. It’s a complete waste of my time.” How many times have you heard this complaint from small business owners...
Internet Marketing
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Internet Marketing: The Best Books Ever

There are hundreds of books on Internet Marketing. With so many options, how do you know what to read and what to bypass? Today I’m going to share with you the same books I recommend...
Best Practices
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How You Can Become a Very Successful Blogger

Let’s face it: everybody is blogging. Some bloggers are companies and others are individuals. Some people blog about their hobbies and others blog about their businesses. The bottom line is that a blog has enormous...
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WordPress Plugins: Superpower Your Blog

One thing is to have a blog, and a different thing to have a successful blog. The main difference between the two is the quality of the information that you present. But it’s not the...
startup mistakes
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Clash of the Titans: Wikipedia vs. Google Knol

On July 23, 2008, Google launched their Knol project. A knol, as defined by Google, is “a unit of knowledge” and refers to both the project’s name and any individual article. The project collects articles...