Beyond “Nice,” Fighting Off Cynicism

Some of you may have read our recent guest blog entry by Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval on "The Power of Nice".

Going beyond "Nice" principles, we wanted to post a note about "cynicism."

When things aren’t done the right way, or when things just go south for any reason, and those experiences accumulate over time, it’s easy to get cynical.

When this cynicism creeps in, it’s a very sour and negative ingredient in the entrepreneur’s brew. How? Well, cynicism…

keeps you from being positive.
keeps you from having an open mind.
keeps you from being "nice" as Kaplan-Thaler and Koval describe.
keeps you from being creative and innovative.
keeps you from being bold.
keeps you from taking initiative.

Fight back against cynicism if you feel it creeping into your life. Try to use your experiences as contributors to possibility and the pursuit of progress. In our experience, you’ll find yourself more approachable, more effective, more radiant, more happy, more content.

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