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Join us in congratulating VRCI Properties for being named in the Top 100 of the 2014 Home-Based 100 Business Winners in the “”Savviest in Social Media and Boomers Back in Business Categories!”

VRCI Properties in the Top 100 and in the Top 10 of the “Savviest in Social Media &  Boomers Back in Business” Categories

VRCI PropertiesCongratulations to VRCI Properties, located in Kankakee, Illinos, for being named in the Top 100 for 2014 Home-Based 100 Business Winners and in the Top 10 of the Savviest in Social Media and Boomers Back in Business Categories. We caught up with business owner and entrepreneur Valerie Robinson and asked her to answer some questions and share some words of advice and inspiration with our StartupNation audience.

Tell Us About Your Journey

StartupNation: What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?
Valerie: having the independence to operate a home-based business and potential to grow the business.

StartupNation: To what do you attribute your success as an entrepreneur and business owner?
Valerie: determination with self management and business skills being deployed in the business.

StartupNation: What ignited the spark in you to start/select your particular business as an entrepreneur?
Valerie: The real estate transition, made me look at business differently. This sort of compelled me to start a business and to make is successful!

StartupNation: What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

  • Know your market niche
  • Promote business integrity
  • Strive for customer satisfaction

Words of Wisdom – Inspiration for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

StartupNation: If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out, what would it be?
Valerie: Know you industry fully and then market your service/products and networking with other business owners locally and nationwide.


StartupNation: Where do you find your greatest inspiration?
Valerie: Great Inspiration comes from the Bible. . . here you see how the everyday workers, both make and females became great men and/or women!

StartupNation: What is your favorite motivational/business quote as an entrepreneur?
Valerie: Harvard Business Review” What makes a Leader?”. . . you have to fill in the blanks!

StartupNation: A motto you live by?
Valerie:“Build A Clear Image of What You Want!”

Tell Us About Your Business, Experiences, & Funding Your Startup

StartupNation: How did you get funding for your startup?
Valerie: Home-based Business: If were to expand would seek help and support from the FinanceStore.

StartupNation: Recommendations for others starting out?
Valerie:Contact a Finance Agent

Marketing and Building Their Customer Base

StartupNation: How do you market and build your customer base?
Valerie:Internet, Social Media, Direct Mail and Meetings

StartupNation: Recommendations for others starting out?
Valerie: If you have an idea or want to start a business research that industry. If you have startup capital, great, if not, seek a business partner.

Changes in the Business Market

StartupNation: What changes have you seen in your business market since starting?
Valerie:Seen changes in Financial institutions toward lending to small businesses in general. Many small businesses have replaced and or the ones doing most of the hiring in today’s economy. Would like to see more small business entrepreneurs get started such as I have.

StartupNation: What do you see coming that will impact your business?
Valerie:See coming that will impact my business, more avenues to funding for us the small business owners and home-based businesses. These are not coming from our glorious financial banking institution, but from private investors whom see the value in businesses and are least trying to give financial support and help.

StartupNation: Have a funny story about a client or business transaction that you want to share along with a key lesson learned?
Valerie: We are all human. We had a client come to us and asking us a small business to loan them $250,000. When we asked for the required documentation, the client replied, “Why? I am only asking for $250,000!” I took that reply as whimsical and thought the next time I go to my bank and ask for a loan and get turn down. . . my reply will simply be, ” Why Its Only $250,000!”

Learn more about Valerie’s business and view other businesses that entered and placed in the competition by clicking here for the top ten and a full list 2014 Home-Based 100 Business Winners and entrants.

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