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WJR Business Beat with Jeff Sloan: ReValue Has Unique Approach for Investment Guidance Doing Good For The Broader Community (Episode 283)

On today's Business Beat, Jeff speaks with Angela Barbash, CEO of Ypsilanti-based company Revalue, about how she helps individuals make for-profit investments that have a positive impact on society. Tune in to the Business Beat, below, to learn more about how Revalue and how you can make an impact through your investments: Tune in to...
investor ready
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What You Must Know Before Raising Investment for Your Business

The following is excerpted from “Investor Ready,” courtesy of Julie Barber, CEO of Spark! Consulting Before you dive into planning your investment approach, there are some important things to think about. StartupNation exclusive discounts and savings on Dell products and accessories: Learn more here Do you really need investment? You may well reply, “Of...
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Should You Buy That Underfunded Startup?

When it comes to investing in startups, especially in the tech sector, headlines are crowded with “unicorns” and “unicorn wannabes.” It’s always the companies that have garnered incredibly high valuations and are collecting round after round of funding that populate the headlines, and for good reason. Whether they’re destined to be the next Lyft, or...
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Top 5 Things to Invest Your Money in for Your Startup

Business is going well for you, and you’re pocketing more profit that ever; you deserve a pat on the back. But before you book a vacation on an exotic island somewhere with that extra money, consider putting some of your profits back into your business. When you invest in your own business, you can help grow...
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How the World of Fintech is Changing Finance for Entrepreneurs

Part of my job as a millennial money expert is to stay up to date on all the changes going on in the world of finance. One of the areas in which I’ve seen some radical change is in the world of Fintech. In a relatively short amount of time, Fintech has managed to revolutionize...
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Robert Kiyosaki Interview-Part 2

On Tuesday, you heard from Robert Kiyosaki, investor, entrepreneur and author of The New York Times, international bestselling book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” with 26 books in the Rich Dad series. Here is the continuation of our interview: What main pieces of advice do you have for entrepreneurs and new investors today? I would say...
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Exclusive Interview with Rich Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki

Recently, I met Robert Kiyosaki, and he agreed to offer his advice to the StartupNation audience. Robert is the author of The New York Times, international bestselling book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” with 26 books in the Rich Dad series. As an investor, entrepreneur and educator with unconventional perspectives on money and investing, he has...
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How Much Stake Do You Feed An Angel (Investor)?

You know your startup will need outside financing - an angel on your shoulder who blesses you with cash. But you want to keep as much control of your company as possible. What do you do? “The object is to delay outside investment and build as much value as you can into your business before you...