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Recalling my earlier post about (FREE being a good price, and FREE love

I’m a big fan of “if you have a gift at something, you share it.” Perhaps it’s all that Catholic school (no lights under a bushell, and such) but I think this journey is a lot easier when people give one another a hand.

With the latest phenomenon of YouTube, there is precious little NOT shared online. For those who just didn’t want to deal with the lack of quality filtering in the latest trend with video contact (my hand is high in the air), there is a site you should check out: Academic Earth, where education is being brought—for free—to virtually every scholarly topic under the sun.

Measurements of Space and Time; MIT / PHYSICS; Walter Lewin
Measurements of Space and Time; MIT / PHYSICS; Walter Lewin

New York-based Academic Earth aims to make a world-class education available to everyone on the planet. Toward that end, it is building a user-friendly ecosystem that gives internet users around the globe the ability to find, interact with and learn from full video courses and lectures from the world’s leading scholars.

More than 1,500 video lectures are currently available on the site, covering economics, entrepreneurship, history, law, medicine, religion and the sciences, among many other topics. A series of thematic collections, meanwhile, combine lectures to create courses such as “Understanding the Financial Crisis” and “Social Entrepreneurship 101.” Faculty for Academic Earth’s lectures are drawn from Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford and Yale, and courses are offered under a Creative Commons license through open course programs at the universities. Associated materials include lecture transcripts, handouts, reading assignments, tests and problem sets; some classes are also available as podcasts.

You can’t get real academic credit, the classes can be saved, rated and shared as favorites. This is an ideal site for anyone who wants to learn more. It is easy to use, unintimidating, not geared towards tweens, and gives you every opportunity to learn to your heart’s content. What have you always wanted to learn?


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