Reinventing yourself and your business

Milton Hershey, David Bowie, and Bill Bradley did it.

“Madonna” and “The Donald” have made careers of it.

We were talking about entrepreneurs in many fields who reinvented themselves once, twice, or on a regular basis. Here’s a list of some of the ones we mentioned, and I hope you will add some of your own below.

Milton Hershey was a modestly successful caramel confectioner who knew a good thing when introduced to German chocolate making equipment. He popularized the concept of “Milk” chocolate, built a business and community that spread around the world. He was in his forties when he made the switch.

Donald Trump has been living on and off the verge of bankruptcy, but he reinvents himself and life every few years and has always managed to stay afloat.

David Bowie rocked the music industry when he sold his own catalog as “Bowie Bonds” in 1997. But long before that, he reinvented himself with every album he created. Madonna, it could be said, followed his lead.

Bill Bradley was a bright kid from a middle class family who played basketball well enough to be inducted in the Hall of Fame. When he unlaced his Converse, he reinvented himself as a politician and ran for Senate two years later.

Who inspires you? How did they reinvent themselves, their businesses? What have you learned from them? Is it time to reinvent yourself? Think about it!

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