Scissor-runners are cut out to start a small business

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My bride-to-be Suzanne coined a phrase at a congratulatory dinner we were having last evening at our favorite Italian restaurant “joint”. She called herself a scissor-runner.

There’s no question about it. She’s bright, intelligent, beautiful and does not like rules. It’s not that she especially wants to make her own rules, she just doesn’t like following other people’s.

It got me thinking. Are scissor-runners entrepreneurs waiting to happen? Those who enjoy running with scissors just to show everyone that they will not be bound by convention or basic safety rules, are the proverbial ‘color outside the lines’ people. Isn’t that what it takes to strike out on your own and startup a business?

If you feel like you’re just being yourself & the people around you treat you like you’re running with scissors, then you just might be an entrepreneur who’s scratching at her skin to break out of the restraints that your current job is holding you to.

Check out these stories of other scissor-runners and see if you feel a kindred spirit toward other line-outside-colorers (oooh – that just doesn’t flow like scissor-runner does!).

Oh, and what was the celebration that Suzanne & I were enjoying? We were just congratulating one another on a successful day. Tuesday evening pasta dinners with a bottle of wine is definitely a case of running with scissors.

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