A Totally True Spooky Startup Legend

Submitted for your consideration during this Halloween season.

A true spooky startup legend.

A teenage boy and his girlfriend were enjoying the October moonlight shining on a pond at a park just outside of town.

The radio was playing their favorite song when it was crudely interrupted.

It was a special bulletin and an almost frantic announcer exclaimed: “State police report that a crazed one-armed entrepreneurial maniac has broken out of the lunatic asylum. She was last seen with a pencil behind her ear, a stack of business cards, and a Blackberry. She should be considered armed and persistent. Almost pushy.

That’s all the couple needed to hear. The boy locked the doors, jammed the car into gear and hit the accelerator.

As he did, a metallic scrape shrieked against the car.

They kept driving. And they didn’t stop driving until they were right outside of the girl’s house.

They were almost afraid to look, but when they did… they saw… stuck in the driver’s side door… a bloody stump with a hook attached!

And in the hook, still wet with blood, was a flyer announcing the homicidal maniac’s new business.

 “Oh, my God,” the girl screamed. “A marketing hook!”

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