, 2008 Summary by the Numbers

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Thought I’d share some internal information about StartupNation and its performance as derived from Google Analytics over the year gone by. I figured, you, our coveted members and new visitors, deserve complete transparency. So here goes, in the form of a 2008 vs. 2007 comparison:

2008 vs. 2007, and % change

    1) Number of Visits: 2,292,027 vs. 1,663,118, an increase of 37.82%

    2) Number of Unique Visitors: 1,680,513 vs. 1,160,765, an increase of 44.78%

    3) Pages Viewed: 8,557,397 vs. 6,959,779, an increase of 22.96%

and some interesting additional observations…

    4) Traffic from Google: 989,505 vs. 496,381, an increase of 33%

    5) Visitors using Mac browser: 209,973 vs. 125,217, an increase of 40.23%

    6) Fastest growing non-U.S. audience: India, 36,312 vs. 23,955, an increase of 51.38%

We’re proud to have achieved this performance by practicing what we preach as indicated in our StartupNation advice on grassroots marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, and search engine optimization. Not a SINGLE advertising dollar was spent in 2008.

By any measure, it was an extraordinary year for StartupNation. We can’t thank you enough for being a part of our growth. The contributions you’ve made in our community and in spreading the word about StartupNation have been instrumental in our success an in the site’s value to each user.

We’ve always assessed the merit of our efforts by the breadth of our impact. To see the user base grow so significantly is incredibly gratifying as we seek to empower you to pursue your dreams, to foster entrepreneurship generally in America and to help the U.S. to continuously earn the brand, “land of opportunity.”

Having said all this, we’re certainly not sitting back on last year’s laurels. StartupNation will completely renew itself in 2009, and is determined to make the achievements of the past pale in comparison to those we envision in the year and years ahead.

With gratitude, promise and a bottomless reservoir of ambition,

    – the StartupNation Team

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