The Importance of Convenience as a Small Business

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I think I’m turning into a convenience freak. I suppose it’s not all that surprising. For those of us who are really important people, our time is limited and we need to take best advantage of every possible minute. (OK, I’m not actually important at all – but still, I do try to fit as much into a day as possible.)

I just switched eye doctors so I could walk to him from my office. And even though I strongly believe in the value of massage therapy for this 45 year old body with a new titanium hip that still tries to compete on a baseball diamond playing hardball, and on the tennis courts with 2 hours of singles on Thursday nights, I haven’t gotten a massage in over 2 years! That is, until Suzanne emailed me a highly acclaimed therapist’s info who’s spa is in the building next to my office. I promptly stopped in on my way back from picking up a carry-out lunch to make a massage appointment for next Wednesday evening.

It got me to thinking about the importance of convenience when you’re a small business. Physical location, of course, is critical for eye doctors and massage therapists, but even if you are able to reach customers globally through an internet presence, you can still focus on making it as convenient as possible for people to do business with you.

Small businesses have certain advantages in this arena over our larger competitors. We can be more nimble and more personal.

Take advantage of it.

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