Top 10 Reasons to join the StartupNation Community

Here we go! Today’s Top 10 List. The top 10 reasons to create a profile & join the StartupNation community

10 You’ll be hangin’ with really smart people who’ll help you with that idea for starting up & growing your dream business

9 If you join & create a profile by June 1 you’ll have the best chance of winning free Southwest Airline plane tickets in an upcoming promotion (seriously – more details to come!!)

8 It’ll give you the inspiration to escape your cubicle & stop workin’ for the man

7 You may have your profile highlighted on the homepage

6 You’re the best man in the chief community officer’s wedding this summer and he’ll make you wear the light blue tuxedo with ruffled shirt if you don’t join up

5 You’ll have your own personal profile where you can promote your business, upload photos, make new contacts and link to really cool stuff (some features listed to be added SOON!)

4 We have the technology to pump Lawrence Welk music through your computer speakers 24/7 if you don’t (in development)

3 All the current & upcoming advanced features of are only available to members of the community

2 You get to opine and wax eloquent in the community forums

And the #1 reason to join the StartupNation community ….. (low-rumbling drum roll)

1 All the cool kids are doing it!!!! Take a look at this guy!!!! (those are Elvises, but it’s better than the Richard Nixon bowling photo he had before)

OK, it’s your turn – head on over to the community forum topic on this list & add your reasons. There must be at least 67 more reasons we can come up with!!

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