What’s the most important quality a business startup entrepreneur should possess?

As you spring along in the growth of your business, what is the most important quality you possess that will make you successful? I have been reading some opinions on this subject, and hope you will weigh in with your experience.

Can entrepreneurship be taught? or is the magic part of the fabric of your being?

Do you need the ability to lead and inspire your troops? Is it resilience? optimism? persistence? Or is the single most important quality the courage to make and stand by your decisions?

Some say that integrity is the most important quality of a leader, but can you make it on integrity alone?

For me, it’s different things on different days. Sometimes its being persuasive, and other times, persistent. Integrity plays a key role in my life plan as well as my business plan. If I had to pick one thing, I might choose courage.

How about you?

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