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Overcoming Frustration with Your Home Business: 3 Effective Ways

When frustration hits, don’t throw your hands in the air and give up. Instead, use these 3 ways to effectively get through it.

Home business professionals: we are a strong bunch. We’re smart, resourceful and most of us own our own business. We are also tenacious about figuring things out on our own. At some point, though, there is a level of frustration with a task or project. Overcoming frustration can be a matter of perspective. Here are three tips when you’re ready to throw up your hands and give up:

1. Recognizing that we do, in fact, have limits of knowledge.

Oh I know, you can do it all. I get that. I’m not insulting your intelligence (or mine, for that matter). The fact is, we just can’t know it all. (Insert appalled look here.)

There are so many moving parts to any business, not to mention all the tools and technology it takes to KEEP it running. There’s email, handling paper, updating the website and using social media. It’s a lot to know, plus endeavoring to be the best service provider, widget maker or retail shop in your niche. No wonder we need help overcoming frustration!

If you’re nearing the fringes of your knowledge, consider getting help. This could involve hiring an assistant or consultant to help you get through this challenge. Put your ego aside for a bit and reach out to a fellow entrepreneur who has more knowledge than you and get it taken care of. There are a lot of talented people out there ready to help!

2. Take a break and get some perspective.

Ever been up late at night or working long hours on the weekend, only to find your frustration growing? Sometimes spending more time on a problem is not the answer. I’ve been completely overwhelmed by projects, feeling heavy in the stomach and blank in the head. That’s when it’s time to take a break: go for a walk outside, take the weekend off, put the laptop away or totally unplug for the rest of the afternoon. Sometimes a recharge or a quick nap will even allow your mind to work out a solution, almost unattended. Try it.

3. Rethink.

Frustration may also call for rethinking your entire situation. If you’ve got 15 email accounts to manage, you could rethink and consolidate down to two. An overloaded schedule? Try rethinking your priorities (try using the StartupNation Life Plan). Whatever your challenge, it surely has a solution if you only take a little time to think through it. Even better, schedule time with a trusted friend and chat about it over coffee or on a walk.

A client was having a hard time working in her home office. After talking with her, we crafted a plan to rework her space. This meant she had to purchase some furniture and other organizing products. A while later she remarked about a shift in her thinking about her office. She hadn’t given it the time and attention it deserved, and it had languished and caused frustration. The shift for her was giving her office a slight rework, and she fell back in love with it.

Whatever your frustration, there is a solution. Whether it’s time to reach out for help, rethink the situation or take some time off, overcoming frustration can be done! Recognize where you are at, buckle down and figure it out.

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