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Brandie Kajino is a small business technology expert, consultant, author and dynamic speaker. Empowering clients with information, tools, technology and simple solutions is her specialty. For more information on her services, products, podcast & internet radio show and free blog articles, visit
travel mistakes
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Vacation: Getting Ready for Your Time Off

The home office is conducive to overworking and letting down your guard, errr...boundaries. If you work in an office outside your home, it's easier to draw the line between vacation time and work time. In...
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Getting Projects Done, By Doing Less

So many ideas, so little time. Projects coming out of your ears, and nothing really making it to completion. Sound familiar? Here's an idea to get them to the finish line: Batch Those Projects! If...
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You've heard the old, tired saying "It's all in your head." When it comes to organizing, you might be surprised to know that keeping your home office in tip-top shape is really all in your...
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Home Office Organization: A Good Investment

Would you consider yourself, or your home office, organized? Can you find most anything in five minutes? Do you miss appointments or deadlines regularly?     Did you know disorganization could be COSTING YOU MONEY? Ack!   ...
startup mistakes
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Why Working at Home ROCKS!

I'll bet you've heard the news. Our current economy is really putting a damper on our country's chipper go-get-'em attitude. You can relate? Ok then. It can make the entrepreneur-minded think seriously about running their...