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Why Working at Home ROCKS!

Working at home may be the perfect solution for your career, considering all the benefits.

I’ll bet you’ve heard the news. Our current economy is really putting a damper on our country’s chipper go-get-’em attitude.

You can relate?

Ok then. It can make the entrepreneur-minded think seriously about running their own business and calling the shots. If you’ve been pondering the idea of writing your own ticket and working from home, allow me to give you some compelling reasons why you’d want to start executing on that idea.

Can’t Beat the Location

If you’re longing for something outside the normal 9-5, working at home is a great option. You can choose when and where you work. That can mean working from a home office, a local coffee shop or even the beach. Gorgeous weather outside? Take a conference call outside in the sunshine.

If you have a laptop and cell phone, your options are endless.

If you’re more of a social animal, part-time co-working might also be a great environment for you.

Changing with the Seasons of Life

So you’ve got kids and you want to be there for them and spend more time with them? No problem. Working at home affords you that opportunity.

You can make a living around your life, and as your life changes, so does the flow of how you work. Little children grow up in a few years, and as they do you can adjust accordingly. When you move, taking your home business with you is pretty simple. Put it in a box, and move it with everything else.

Flexible Schedule

Sickness is an issue if you are working in an outside office. The swine flu pandemic did not do anything to assuage this.

Working from home allows you to take time to take care of yourself year-round.

If you are in a situation where you frequently find yourself not feeling well, or if you are responsible for caring for another, working from home offers you an environment to take care of yourself and others more properly than if you needed to balance life at an office.

Working from home gives you control over your schedule. Rearrange your schedule or put in some extra hours ahead of time for: children’s activities like swimming lessons, a school play or volunteering at school. You can also go to doctor’s appointments or other little errands when it’s convenient for you.

You Can’t Beat the Write-offs

Working from home has some really great tax advantages, as well. Generally, if you use a room in your home exclusively for business, you can write off expenses for that room.

Very cool!

You can also write off certain mileage to and from your home office. Be sure to keep copious records. (Be sure to talk with you accountant and/or read up about this on the website to make sure you’re coloring within the lines.)

Uniform = Whatever You Want It to Be

Forget suits and an expensive wardrobe. Wear what you want!

Personally, I’m not advocating wearing your pajamas everyday, but you definitely have some flexibility in this area. Like to wear jeans? Me too. So wear them, along with some flip flops.

That being said, don’t trash your entire working wardrobe. If you need to meet with clients or do some speaking, save some things you can get dolled up in.

You Can’t Beat the Service or the Food

Make your own latte or a fab lunch. No more worries about beating the clock to get back to your desk. You’re the chef—make what you want, when you want. You can even pop over to the local farmer’s market for some local fare. Yum!

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