7 Tips for a Better “Contact Us” Page

You work hard to bring prospective customers to your website. So, once they are on your site, you should work just as hard in answering their questions. In fact, whenever they have a question while on your site, you want to empower them to be able to contact you with ease and immediacy.

Why? Because, people with unresolved questions can become frustrated and can lose interest, or worse yet can simply jump to your competitor’s site to see if the experience is better.

This is why the “Contact Us” page on your website is more important than you may think. In fact, it’s surprising just how many sites give little thought to their “Contact Us” page and miss an opportunity to engage with many more site visitors.

To improve your website’s “Contact Us” page, follow the seven tips provided below:

Offer Multiple Options
Some people prefer email, while others prefer talking by phone. Provide as many communication options as possible. Consider email, telephone, toll-free numbers, online forms, online chat, store locaters, etc. I find it incredibly frustrating when sites force me to use email, for example, with no other means of getting in touch with the company.

Make Your Forms Easy
Keep your online forms short and sweet. Make them easy-as-pie to complete, and you will see an increase in form submissions from your prospective customers. You should assume that the more fields you add to your form, the fewer submissions you will receive, so remember, focus on what’s essential.

Track Sources
Remember to learn how your prospective customers find you. For an online form, include a field where they can specify the source of their site visit, whether Google, an online ad, a friend, etc. If someone calls or emails you, remember to ask how they found out about you.

Link to a Privacy Policy
Make it clear how you will use site visitor’s information. If you will never sell or disclose their information to others, let them know. Include a clear privacy policy on your website, and link to it from your “Contact Us” page.

Add Trust Elements
If you have any certifications or other trust elements, add them to your “Contact Us” page. For example, if you are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, let your prospective customers know. Certain personality types simply will not do business with you through your website without this type of proof of your trustworthiness.

Easy Access
Be sure to include a link to your “Contact Us” page on every page within your website. You never know when your site visitors will have questions, and simplifying the process of contacting you will connect you with these individuals at the exact time that they are interested.

Implement CRM
Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is the process of managing your customer relationships over time. Once people arrive on your “Contact Us” page, are you giving them the option to join your email list or to sign up for your newsletter? Make sure that you add an element to your “Contact Us” page that enables you to have ongoing communications with your prospective customers, and be sure to clarify the benefits – what’s in it for them?

Since so many website owners give little thought to their “Contact Us” page, improving your page is an easy way for you to gain a competitive advantage. By following the seven tips listed above, you greatly increase the probability that your site visitors will contact you, offering you the opportunity to build strong relationships and to build your customer base.

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