7 Tips for Better Product Pages

For small businesses that sell products online, creating compelling product pages on your website is critical to driving sales. To that end, here are 7 tips for developing better product pages on your website, leading to a better experience for the site visitor and more revenue for you.

Make the Product Stand Out
Designate an area of the page for product display only. Give prominence on the page to the product. Include white space. Ensure that other elements on the page are clearly delineated from the product display area.

Use High Resolution Images
If you are selling a product, do not go cheap on photography. Use sharp, high resolution photography that truly highlights your products. If possible, include multiple images revealing close-ups or different angles.

Show Products in Context
In addition to (or in place of) a stand-alone product image, how about showing your product in action? Demonstrate what it would look like in someone’s actual life. For example, you could show dress shirts on models both at the office and at home with the family.

Highlight the Benefits
This is really Marketing 101 – sell the sizzle, not the steak. What’s in it for your prospective customers? Clarify how they benefit by purchasing your product, and make sure it’s something they care about.

Offer Lots of Detail
If site visitors make it all the way through your site to one of your individual product pages, they are likely candidates to make a purchase. Make it easy for them by providing easy access to as many product details as they want, including any available product options.

Allow Questions
Prospective buyers often have last-minute questions prior to pulling the trigger and making the purchase. So, accommodate their needs and offer them more than one way to contact you easily to get their questions answered.

Include Related Items
Instead of seeing your page as a “product page,” start seeing it as a “solutions page.” In buying your product, what is the site visitor really trying to achieve, and how can you help them achieve that even further? For example, a rock climber interested in your amazing rock climbing footwear might also be interested in those new carabiners you just got in. Or, someone purchasing a yoga mat may also be interested in one of the yoga DVDs that you offer.

These are just a few tips to help you create great web pages that drive your business growth. If you need additional help, let me know below or at www.WebsiteMarketingNOW.com. Thanks!

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