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Business Growth in Manchester [Infographic]

Manchester’s growth – what it means to you

An increasing number of people are looking to start businesses, but rather than focusing their attentions on London as they used to, more and more are turning to Manchester to set-up their new businesses.

Over 14,000 new businesses were started in Manchester in the last twelve months and while some might not have survived the difficult first year, others are thriving and growing at a real rate of knots.

To achieve success in any industry you need to be prepared to fail and many have, investing huge sums of money into campaigns that might not have worked out. But like all good British entrepreneurs we know that sometimes you need to dig your heels in and back yourselves to come through the sticky patches to reach the targets we set ourselves when we first started scribbling down business ideas and sketching company logos on the dining room table.

This infographic, created by Alexander & Co accountants, based in Manchester city centre, takes a detailed look at the growth of business in the region over the past few years, showing just how many firms have opened their doors and provided employment opportunities for people from around the Greater Manchester area.

For instance, since 2010 there have been more than 68,000 new opportunities, making it the seventh highest in the UK and many experts are predicting that there will be more job opportunities in Manchester than Tokyo, Berlin and Paris by 2020.

The graphic provides some incredible insights into the sheer number of new businesses in the area – which is expanding all the time with new office blocks being built and improvements being made to the public transport in and around the city – highlighting how important the North West now is for startups.

The technology sector is one in particular that has thrived in recent years with the BBC and now ITV both located in MediaCity UK at Salford Quays, providing a wide range of careers for those with a passion for all things digital and media-related.

Statistics included in the graphic should provide more hope for any prospective business owners thinking about starting a company in the city, showing that it is possible to get a business of the ground and there is all kinds of support out there to help you to make it a success.

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