Search for “clutter” on Google and you get 6,400,000 responses.


Stuff accumulates, and while it can seem a constant annoyance, it’s best to deal with it before you can’t find your keyboard and your phone (I speak from experience!) Clutter clearing is part of your work like paying the bills. It may not be fun, but you still have to do it. Set aside time to get rid of the piles or you will surely lose something important.

Clutter can be an even bigger problem in the home office because inevitably things that have nothing to do with work end up on your desk. Right now, I am typing among directions for growing a beanstalk, a bug catcher, some unfinished thank you notes and crayons. They have to go, but by tomorrow there will be more to replace them. It’s easy for experts to say “separate your work space from your family space”—easier said than done.

Experts suggest putting aside time daily or weekly to sort it all out. If you really can’t do it alone, many have made careers of helping by coming to your home or office and doing it with you. Others have created systems and products to make the job easier.

I’m looking for the greatest hits of clutter clearing ideas and products. I’d also love to hear your stories about the growing clutter around you. How do you deal with it, or what clever methods do you use to avoid dealing with it!

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