Get Behind Social Media, Don’t Let it Get Behind YOU!

Summer has definitely settled in…..Everyone is busy enjoying some fun in the sun, and I think only in the mood for short and to the point posts.  In light of that combined with the universal interest in swimwear during summer, I thought I would give some pointers to help avoid Twitter Behind today.  As small business owners, we should get behind Twitter and use it for self-promotion and a form of establishing a brand, but not let Twitter get behind us!  We should continue to answer emails, fill orders, read our favorite blogs, support other businesses’ Facebook Pages from our desk, but not let the laptop consume us.

We have become extremely sedentary as a culture with our dependency on computers and social media. We are so heavily reliant on our computers that we seldom move away from them. BUT, sitting at our desks, which is especially habit forming to those of us with home offices, is not good for our bodies.  I know you do not want to be behind in your work, updates, orders, sales conversions, and blogs…..but, extreme sitting can cause havoc on your behind.

Therefore, I propose – A few ways to Get up and Move:

1. If you have a home-office, place a file cabinet upstairs or downstairs if you can. This way if you need a file, you have to get up and go get it. I know, I know….everyone is always preaching for you to have a dedicated office space. You should have a dedicated work space, but if you can keep a small file cabinet in an upstairs closet or in the basement it is a useful tactic.  Use the cabinet for papers not regularly used on calls, but for files for long-term projects that you spend time working on. Get up and retrieve them as needed, and you will promote a little blood flow.

2. Take advantage of longer days in the summer and walk or bike ride in the early evening. Too Busy with your kids? Make it a family affair, and walk or bike for a fro-yo after dinner.

3. Need to hit the snail mail post office? Another great chance during the day to add in a quick walk if you live near one.

4. Schedule an hour for biz errand running and chunk all your errands together.  Park your car a short distance away from where you need to go and enjoy some moving around while running errands.

5. My personal favorite is lunchtime yoga. Be honest – how many of you already eat lunch at your desks? So, give yourself a tiny break and join a lunchtime yoga class once a week. You will not regret breaking away, will feel super energized for the rest of your day, and you can go back and eat your desk.

There you have it – Five easy ways to get ahead of your behind while keeping up with work.  would you add anything else to the list?

Want to read more on fitting exercise into your busy mompreneur routine? Connect with me here.  Rachel

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