I’m a Square Who’s Behind the Curve

I’m not a techno-phobe; I don’t fear technology. I hate it. Or it hates me. Either, or.

Yesterday I read about Web 3.0, which was a little disturbing to me, since, until recently, I thought that Wikipedia was a book for witches and am still unable to switch my Facebook profile from French language-mode. Oh, and I accidentally joined a group for Swingers on MySpace. (I thought it was for baseball fans. Steeeerike One!)

Now, Web 3.0 has hit… the birth of a semantic web. (No relation to the semitic web–a nice social network for Jewish singles.) Don’t ask what happened to Web 2.1 or Web 2.2. It doesn’t really matter.

According to lots of tech writers, though, Web 3.0 will let computers talk to each other. And these tech writers know what they’re talking about because they have a lackluster social life and have lots of time to think about such deep questions.

These folks say that the conversation between computers will mainly be about how they will one day take over mankind, but might be able to fit in some chats on ways to help entrepreneurs out, too. For instance, Web 3.0 technology could come up with good recommendations based on your customers’ previous orders. This will take out all the messy work of actually asking them.

But, here’s what Web 3.0 means to us, the home-based entrepreneur and starter-upper. At the exact moment when you master the next great Web 3.0 innovation and are starting to attract customers using those sites, some kid–who will probably be named “Brett” and have a pocket protector–will make a Web 4.0 site that’s just a little too complicated for you, that everyone MUST use.

A revolution is coming… And the revolution will be Twittered!

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