Publicity for StartupNation Users – We’re Going to Bat for You!

As yet another way for StartupNation to look out for your best interests in improving the performance of your business, we’ve decided to leverage our awesome PR firm for your benefit. We’ve teamed up with them to provide you a free service whereby we find great publicity opportunities for you.

StartupNation’s PR team is currently looking for great startup stories that they’ll provide as “recommendations” and “opportunities”  to the many journalists who contact us on a daily basis looking for stories and fodder to include in them.

To get your business highlighted, we need to hear from you. The opportunities are in national and local TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and on websites.

In particular, currently, we are looking for Recession-busting businesses that fit the following:

  • Businesses that were started after one of the business owners was laid off
  • Businesses that are thriving despite the downturn
  • Businesses that got inspiration from StartupNation

If you are interested in participating, please send an email to  with a brief overview of your business, how you might fit one of these story angles, and your contact information. We are looking forward to hearing from you and hope that this presents an easy way for you to crank up the awareness and interest in your business.


Rich (and StartupNation team)

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