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My little home office has recently gotten a great upgrade. I’ve replaced a big multfunction, cumbersome, older, multi-function printer with a brand spanking new one – an Epson Workforce 600. You know how rarely I’ve included reviews of products in my blog but this printer has inspired me to give a huge plug tothe folks at Epson. This thing is awesome.

With speed, affordability, functionality and flexibility being hallmarks of a well-oiled small business, this little printer is definitely fitting the bill.

It’s lightning fast, first of all. The pages seem to crank out of it before you swivel your chair to pull the pages off the tray.

The color and clarity are perfect.

In particular, I found the setup to be a cakewalk. No complex stuff, no disruptive, cumbersome software on my desktop downloaded against my will. Basically, I didn’t have any learning curve – it seems like there was nothing to learn. Just do things like you always have. It’s extremely intuitive.

It comes with a wifi capability so you don’t have to figure out wiring, but I’ve opted to go the wired route since it was easy and in proximity.

Size-wise, it’s sitting on top of my little rolling filing cabinet, a very small footprint indeed.

Faxing is a snap. One cool feature – USB port for downloading scans directly to a thumb drive. I don’t know about you, but it’s always been a pain in the rear trying to get computers and printers to jive when it comes to scans.

But most of all, it’s FAST. And that’s the speed at which my mind and schedule is moving when I’m sitting at my desk.

If you’re considering upgrading to a completely functional, networkable computer for your home office, the Epson Workforce 600 is a great choice.

Here are a few links if you want to learn more:

Epson Workforce 600 site

Product Tour (not my voice!)

Downloadable PDF

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