Start-Up & The Net: A Love Affair

I feel as though I am always writing about social media and the rapid changes of that thing we affectionately call the ‘Internet’ here at StartUpNation.  There must be a reason why I feel as though both you and I should stay up to date with this rapidly changing area.  No, it is not to stay current with your ex boy/girlfriend or college roommate from 15 years ago, but rather the Internet, social media, and blogging allow us as start-up businesses to establish ourselves across a wide platform. Basically, the ‘net’ has leveled the playground for you and me as start-up people.

I think about my dad, an entrepreneur himself, and when he formed a start-up business many decades ago in New York.  First, my dad had to grow his business locally in New York, and when it came time to expand to other parts of the country, it required an actual presence where he wanted to go.  At this point, my dad had to make sure his original office was running smoothly AND then move himself to a new city to start-up and so forth and so on….He eventually had 5 offices running in 5 different cities that served their respective local area.

By the time the Internet arrived, others figured out how they could successfully sell what my dad was selling through the web all over the country with one office (more than likely a home office).  It worked out well for my dad, he sold his name, rock solid reputation, and list of current clients to the right guy to move the business forward into the current state of the business world.

Start-up Businesses of today can claim a national presence and following in no time by staking their place on the web.  This involves a website, strong SEO, blogging, keeping up with fresh content, and positioning themselves in all social media sites.  I love this!  As a parent, it is comforting to know that I can expand my business to other locations right from my home office.  We also have amazing tools like Skype, GoTo Meeting, and who can forget, Email, that allow us to conduct business far and wide.

Obviously, there is an ongoing love affair with the happenings of the Internet and start-up business, which is why I like to stay up to date and so should you……

Here is what is top of mind for me this week:

– Google is changing their search feature again to provide anyone logged into Google, results that reflect that person (as in YOU).  That is right!  Starting this week, Google is rolling out ‘Search Plus Your World.’ Basically, if you are logged into Google and search a term, your results will direct you to where Google believes your personal preferences lie.  I have not surfed this feature yet because it is slowly rolling out this week (and I did not get not yet), but you can read about it here.

My Question is…..How will this affect start-up businesses in coming up in a search if the results are no longer based on Google’s usual algorithms but rather one person’s perceived personal preferences?  Much remains to be seen…It can be turned off, but that is a user-based decision.

– Without getting crazy political with you all, I must mention SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act).  This Bill if passed will place heavy regulations and consequences on websites that are perceived to be pirating information and/or linked with such sites.  As a blogger, I obviously do not endorse stealing content and I enforce copyright policies, however, this particular legislation may impede small business with radical censorship and dramatic punishments.

To learn more about SOPA – watch this:

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

You should be aware of this and can contact your local congressman to DO something about this act here.

That’s it for now…if you have a chance to play around with the new Google Search – share your thoughts and experience!


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