3 Tips for Juggling Tech Priorities

At Rich Dad, we use a combination of innovation and speed to meet the needs of our ever-changing business environment and exceed customer expectations. And I’m sure you are dealing with the same issues at your small business.

Things can get out of control fast (especially if you are outsourcing a lot of work) so how you juggle all of your priorities? Here are three tips that can help:

1. Create a leadership team.

Take your best people, give them management roles and set responsibilities. It’s essential to have strong leaders in place who know what needs to be done, can set project scopes in place and then create effective teams to handle the work.

2. Communicate.

In addition to the above, your leaders need to be good communicators who can talk to all the appropriate parties involved and keep track of deadlines on a regular basis. Frequent interactions and transparency keep the lines of communication open so projects, and talent, stay on track.

3. Put the Right Technology and People in Place.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure you have the appropriate hardware and software in place to support the development process and manage growth. Always think about cost savings and create a strong support team to fix problems internally.

Not only will you save money, but this way, your employees will work closer to end-users and be able to see and solve issues faster and find opportunities to grow the business.

Once your internal systems are ready, you can outsource talent as needed. But remember, these people become an extension of your team and need to be trained accordingly, follow appropriate protocols and pursue company goals.

Stay in Control.

Today’s businesses are evolving quickly with new ways to communicate all types of data, entertainment and education. To stay competitive, get organized. Have the right people doing the appropriate jobs, increase regular communications and maintain your internal hardware and software to be as cost-effective as possible.

For more information, write to me below or at www.richdad.com, [email protected].

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