The Fool Proof Marketing Offer

By Erin Jacobs, VerticalResponse

Customers often ask me, what are the best offers to use in email marketing programs, or any lead generation program for that matter.  The answer, of course, is dependent on a list of factors- among them: What is the nature of your business? What are you trying to achieve with your email? What are you able to offer?
My answer. Before sending out a marketing campaign consider “Is there something in this email for the recipients to LEARN, GAIN, or ENJOY?”

Here are some examples of each type of offer:

LEARN: If you are a consultant, service provider, or industry expert, sharing your experience and insight can be powerful and relevant to the recipient. Examples: 3 Tips, Best Practice, Inside Scoop, even your perspective of an event or presentation that you attended which your audience may not have access.

GAIN: If recipients don’t feel there is something in it for them, they will not continue to read and open your emails. Commit to the value in each of your email campaigns. Examples: an added benefit to customers when asking them to consider referring your business, a discount for early registration to an event, free shipping or gift-wrapping, early access to a sale or information. This type of offer works great for survey responses too; promise to share information before it’s released to a wider audience.

ENJOY: Like the free gift with purchase at a cosmetics counter, or an adult beverage coupon for checking in to a flight online, sometimes marketing offers are just for fun. If your goal is to change or encourage a behavior then a little something extra for the response may provide an added lift.

Bottom line, don’t lose site of the customer on the receiving end of your email communication. If they respond once and find value in your message they are likely to pass it on and everyone wins.

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