The No Bull Prizes for Home Entrepreneurship

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It’s that time of year again, time for the Nobel Prizes—a series of awards given to the best and brightest scientific minds.
But… excuse me all the way to Oslo and back… did you notice any categories for Home Business Entrepreneurs? Well, then. I would like to award my first-ever No Bull Prizes for Entrepreneurs. (I mean, if the guy who invented the Internet gets a Peace Prize, what about the rest of us innovators?)
Here we go:
The No Bull Home Entrepreneur Prize for Chemistry goes to all the coffee-swilling home bizzers who can turn the coffee bean and various blends of sugar, spices, milks, and creams into the grease that drives the wheels of commerce, as well as numerous trips to the bathroom.
Physics: The prize for physics goes to all of us who, through our experiments in multi-tasking, have proved that despite certain generally-accepted laws of physics it’s possible to keep dozens of balls in the air at one time. Galileo should have had a home business–those rocks would have never touched the bottom of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Medicine: This prize goes to all entrepreneurs who pioneered the new field of medicine called, Home Office Syndrome (scientific name: painus intherumpus). Because of these experts, we’re learning more about the causes and possible cures for paper-cut fingers, cell phone sore necks, and spell-check-and-rewrite repetitive stress injuries.
Peace: Of course, ending World Wars and bringing together ancient enemies has nothing on keeping the spouse happy, the kids quiet, and the in-laws at bay. So, here’s to you Oh bearer of peace in the place and upholder of unity in the community… the Home Business Entreprenuer… winner of the No Bull Prize for Peace.


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