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Mental strength
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Why Entrepreneurs Need Mental Strength to Succeed

The lure of launching your own business can be enticing; but striking out on your own has a less glamorous side too. There’s a psychological price you might pay for being an entrepreneur. StartupNation exclusive...
Gen Z
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The Gen Z Guide to Starting a Business

Each generation leaves a significant mark on entrepreneurship. Gen Z is currently entering the working world in a time of great uncertainty amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Many Gen Zers are also watching businesses make significant...
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4 Tips for Leading a Startup to Success

The success of young entrepreneurship has been on a steady decline over the past decade, as reported by the Kauffman Foundation. Often, entrepreneurs in their twenties catapult to CEO and founder status without proper training...
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7 Steps to Grow Your Business Through SEO

Reading blog after blog on dispelling SEO myths, you finally wonder, "When should I start seriously considering SEO for my startup?" Search engine optimization (SEO) is a term used for when a website makes its...