What I Learned About Entrepreneurship From My Dog

It’s amazing where–and from whom–you pick up lessons about running your own business.

I found one today just by watching our dog, Beauregard. Since entrepreneurs normally love what they do, they may find it hard to charge other people for their abilities and services.

Our dog has no problem with that. Beau believes everything is a treatable event. Sit? give me a treat. Lay down… there’s a treat. Pee on the neighbor’s lawn… oh, you bet, that’s a treat.

Beau loves, loves, loves to take walks. But, when he gets back from a nice jaunt through town, he parks his rear right by the treat jar and looks up at you with those soulful eyes. Sure, that’s a treat, too.

He even thought that after he ate his supper, he should get a treat. (No treat. I had to draw the line somewhere.)

The point is, don’t think that just because you derive pleasure and value from something–writing, painting, web design, landscaping, whatever–that there’s no value in it for someone else, or that it should be given away. You deserve your treats, too.

Maybe my dog should blog at Startup Nation? Of course, he’d want a treat.

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