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StartupNation Radio
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StartupNation Radio: Tom Berman of Nano Magic on Acquiring a Business

Welcome to another edition of StarutpNation Radio! On today's show, Jeff welcomes Tom Berman, president and CEO of Nano Magic. A merger of two formerly two different companies, today, Nano Magic is a leader in creating and bringing to market cutting-edge nanotechnology powered applications made in the U.S. with special expertise in liquid products to...
thought leadership
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How to Use Thought Leadership to Distinguish Your Brand

When it comes to setting yourself apart, the challenge of differentiating your company and what you sell is a tough one. Unless your product or service is truly industry-disrupting (and most successful ones aren’t), it can be difficult to communicate how your company is different. After all, everyone is touting their “quality customer service.” But...
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A Tale of Two Entrepreneurs: Which One Are You?

Jennifer stands proudly with her management team at the New York Stock Exchange. Today’s the big day that she — and every entrepreneur — lives for. As the clock strikes 9:30 a.m., she rings the opening bell. Let the trading begin! She started her company just 6 years ago out of her parents’ garage, but...
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Top 2 Essential Strategies for Startup Revenue Growth

Perhaps the most fundamental question on every business owner's mind is, "How do I increase my revenue?" It's a question that can create anxiety, fuel determination or lead to even more questions. As plenty of research has shown, the health of your business impacts your personal health, quite literally. It's no wonder this topic stirs up...
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How to Create Long Term Value with Content Marketing

Creating great content is expensive. As many entrepreneurs quickly find out, it’s usually not as simple as just hiring someone to write content and then posting it to a blog. There’s no magic in words on a page. Even if you invest heavily in creating great content, it can sometimes seem like a never-ending rat...
Revolutionary or evolutionary
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Is Your Product or Service Revolutionary or Evolutionary?

When an entrepreneur brings an idea to an investor, sometimes they are referred to as the next Facebook, or “the Uber for (insert any industry).” Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that many ideas and businesses are not game changers and will not become a "unicorn." A unicorn, in the world of business, is a startup company...
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Growth vs. Value: Not All Revenue is Created Equally

When you look ahead to next year, will your growth come from selling more to your existing customers or finding new customers for your existing products and services? The answer may have a profound impact on the value of your business. Take a look at the research coming from a recent analysis of owners who...
Content upgrade
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Content Upgrade: Build Your Email List and Get More Value

List-building used to be a lot easier for small businesses. You could simply ask people to subscribe to your email list and they would happily comply. You could then create a lucrative email marketing funnel. Unfortunately, spammers have ruined it for legitimate marketers, so entrepreneurs must be more creative when building email lists. If you are having trouble building...
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What I Learned About Entrepreneurship From My Dog

It's amazing where--and from whom--you pick up lessons about running your own business. I found one today just by watching our dog, Beauregard. Since entrepreneurs normally love what they do, they may find it hard to charge other people for their abilities and services. Our dog has no problem with that. Beau believes everything is...
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The Axiom of Value

For the past century, traditional advertising was all about grabbing the customer's attention. The flashier the advertisement, the better. Advertisers created flashy billboards and catchy jingles so their product would stay in our memories. But with current technologies like TiVo and DVR, we're less likely to pay attention to a ton of advertisements. How have...
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You Really Do Get What You Pay For

Well, another week comes to an end. It seems this one was faster than ever. Monday seemed to butt up against Friday with nothing in between. Where did it go? One reason it went so fast is that we were on the road again, and one of the interesting stops was NYC where we taped...