What makes YOUR optimal work environment?

As a budding entrepreneur, I know how lucky I am to have my own office spaces both in the home and in an office building. Both are fulling equipped with a comfortable chair, a desk and wireless networking and printing. My laptop and Blackberry travel with me at all times. Here are a few shots of my offices:

Sanibel, FL office
"Sanibel,  Charlotte, NC office

I’ve made a few improvements to the Charlotte office since this picture … but you get the idea. But what brings it all together for me and, in my opinion, aides in my productivity is music. I’ve become very fond of my iTunes library with some 40GB of music and, especially, Radio Paradise, a user-supported streaming radio station. Check it out; it’s great in my opinion.

What are your office comforts?

What’s helps you perform to the best of your ability every day?

Jack Burris is Vice President and Partner with Franchise Business Review.

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