What You Can Learn from SuperBowl.com

Want your customers to LOVE your website? Then check out SuperBowl.com. There are many things to admire about the site, and just as many things to learn that you can leverage in your small business website to more successfully connect with, engage and thrill your site visitors.

What you can learn from SuperBowl.com:

Building Suspense & Anticipation
Leading up to the Big Game, a large countdown clock was prominently displayed at the top of the main page.

Amazing Imagery
The photos are crisp, clear and lively.

Lots of videos to watch.

Whether through polls or a feature that enables you to create your own highlight reel, the site encourages visitors to interact with the site.

During the Big Game, the site empowered visitors to vote for the game’s MVP.

Live Features
Throughout the game, the site had a live chat from football experts in real time.

Something New
The site even offers football fans a new way to view NFL team stats.

Visitors to the site had plenty of options for traveling to the Big Game, or simply shopping for NFL gear.

Clearly the developers of SuperBowl.com had a lot of money and resources. But you can apply many of the same principles to your small business website at a fraction of the cost (or at no additional cost). For example, create a contest, promote a cause or empower your visitors to vote for a new product or service feature. Add more high-quality photos to your site, promote an event or add online polls. With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless.

What’s important is that you leverage learnings from successful websites, and improve the customer experience for your own site visitors. Over time, your website can become “Super” as well.

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