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You Gotta Just Wanna

I am in LOVE with the articles on our website that highlight entrepreneurs’ key moves. Each one tells the story of how someone got the inspiration to start their dream business and calls out a specific key move that they made to propel their business toward success. If you haven’t checked out Jonathan Conant’s story yet, you gotta. I mean, come on! A trapeze school in Manhattan? Rock on.

One of the roles I play at StartupNation is producer of the radio show. I get to talk with people every day who live their dreams by owning their own business. It’s awesome. We recently took our show on the road to San Diego and part of the discussion was trying to identify the traits of an entrepreneur.

I have come to the conclusion that while entrepreneurs exhibit many similar traits, every single person that I have ever met who started their own business has one thing in common. Ultimately, in order to take the leap into starting up, they decided that they just wanted to!

They each considered all of the possibilities, did their research, assessed their gifts and strengths, tested the marketplace, put together a business plan – yes they did all these things in some fashion and to some degree. But then, finally, every single one said, “I just wanna.”

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