Your Niche May Be Right Under Your Nose

16 Aug 2005

Many people possess an undying entrepreneurial spirit, even if they aren’t officially in business. The night before trash day, I encountered a man surveying my trash–specifically an old sliding screen door we discarded. “Do you mind?” he asked.

Of course I didn’t, but I was curious about when he planned to do with it. “Scrap aluminum,” he said. And he added that he roams the streets most nights after the kids are in bed. He knows who has trash day when. It’s extra money and he enjoys the mostly quiet ride through suburbia.

My cousin is unbelievably organized. She organizes people’s closets for fun. About a year ago I told her she should start a business. And this week she told me she has her first customer. She thanked me because it didn’t occur to her to make a living as an organizer, but I am betting she will be a great success.

Another friend hates clutter. She sells whatever she doesn’t want on EBay. She also makes jewelry as a hobby, and has begun selling it online too. Last week she took an old pair of skates out of my garage and said she’ll see what she can get for them. One day, I am sure she will find her niche and start it up.

Your niche may be right in your own back yard, around your wrist, or in your closet. Give it some thought and you may be in business in no time.

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