Mindfulness Tips for Entrepreneurs During Tough Times

It’s necessary to practice mindfulness in these trying times. Anxiety and uncertainty are all around us, so it’s crucial to breathe and check in with your thoughts and feelings. It’s normal to be uncomfortable with where we are. Surrendering to that truth allows you to let it pass as you shift your focus to how you can have a positive impact and solve problems.

Whether we have been in business for a month or a decade, entrepreneurs are all asking ourselves, “Why am I not prepared for this?!”

The short answer is that there was no way to properly prepare for a viral pandemic. Mistakes are an inevitable part of life, but so is finding solutions. You are better prepared than you realize, and staying present and mindful will support good decision making, while helping you find peace amongst the perceived chaos around us.

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Yes, COVID-19’s impact on logistics and economics is widespread. But compassion, mindfulness and connection should not be left out of the conversation. While “social distancing” is normalized as schools and offices, and events are shut down, we can’t lose our humanity while protecting it. Emotional connection is a human need; particularly for the most vulnerable among us, such as employees being laid off, quarantined elderly, or those missing out on much needed hugs during depressing times.

Don’t panic! Seek out the good and find ways to be positive and grateful, every day. We control the information we digest. Weed negativity from the garden of your mind!

Weeding isn’t just for hemp farmers like me; it can serve as a guide to life. By weeding the mind, we allow ourselves to remove undesired nonsense and guide ourselves toward the light of positive growth. We can take control and frame the story we tell ourselves on a daily basis.  When we don’t, the information and feelings we consume drive that internal narrative.

Our nation and local communities are taking drastic action to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Let go of what you can’t control, and keep a positive perspective.

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As business owners and entrepreneurs, allow the following tips to guide you as you focus on what’s necessary to survive these unusual circumstances:

Use this moment to reflect

Center your awareness on the present. Practice gratitude for health, happiness and what’s around you. If you’re struggling or concerned, embrace those feelings and take action to better your life and those around you.

Let us be mindful of how we shop, remembering that everyone has similar needs

Share resources. Whenever possible, shop local to support your friends, community, and fellow entrepreneurs. We are already seeing big businesses receive relief assistance, so supporting small business owners and buying local just makes sense.

Let us connect with those around us

This too shall pass. Chaos breeds innovation, community and compassion. We will survive and find opportunities to thrive. It’s in our nature as humans and as entrepreneurs. Use the tools available to you to better your circumstances.

How can we stay connected during times of quarantine and swirling negativity?

Utilize Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts to stay in touch with your team members. Use our wonderful high-speed technology to see (not just text or hear) the ones you work with!

Additionally, practice social distancing when it comes to your triggers and emotional attachment from anxious news, friends, and general negativity. Respect your body and feelings and give them a much deserved break. Dwell in silent stillness, if only for a moment.

It’s been said more times than we can count, “These are unprecedented times.” As you maneuver your way through each new day, imagine how you want to tell this story in the future.

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Will your story be one filled with towers of toilet paper, bottled water, binge watching Netflix and avoidance, or will you identify new ideas, learn to cook, streamline your existing processes, get a handle on your company’s cash flow and find new reasons to love yourself, your business and those around you?

Solitude allows time to learn and weed the sense from the nonsense.  Mindfulness is built for difficult times, and staying grounded allows for stability during difficult journeys.

Be mindful of fear and anxiety. Breathe and let those moments pass. Fear, while necessary for human survival, is temporary. We are surrounded by others who care, who are doing what’s right to overcome these challenges. Become a part of that solution.

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