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Gorillas Will Dance
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Dancing with Gorillas: How Startups Can Partner with the Giants

This excerpt is adapted from “Gorillas Can Dance: Lessons from Microsoft and Other Corporations on Partnering with Startups” by Shaheen Prashantham. ©2021 and is reproduced with permission from Wiley.   Understanding the startup's perspective Of course, it takes two to tango, and the three-step (synergy-interface-exemplar) process just described will only work when the managers involved take...
business basics
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Business Basics To Perfect: 12 Entrepreneurs Weigh-In

What is one business basic every entrepreneur should perfect when looking to start a business? To help you master the business basics, we asked business leaders and entrepreneurs for their best insights. From delivering the right pitch to upskilling when necessary, there are several business basics to perfect when looking to start a business. Here...
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Why Entrepreneurs Are Made, Not Born

You either have it or you don’t. How many times have you heard that? Or, a business owner saying, “I was born to be an entrepreneur.” But in business and life, things are rarely that black and white. In my experience of launching Kardia and 14 other impactful companies over the last four years, I’ve...
Competing Against Luck
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Understanding the Jobs to Be Done Theory for Breakthrough Innovation [VIDEO]

In "Competing Against Luck," disruptor and Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen shares his theory for breakthrough innovation: the jobs to be done theory. In the book, he and coauthors Karen Dillon, Taddy Hall and David S. Duncan share case studies and real world examples that provide entrepreneurs and business owners with the tools they...
customer satisfaction
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9 Reasons Why Your Customer Isn’t Buying (And How To Fix Them)

You've built the product, perfected the service, tweaked the website, and refined the funnel. But no one is buying; these successful entrepreneurs and members of The Oracles explain why and how to fix it. From L to R: Lewis Howes, Simon Grabowski, Chris Harder, Barbara Corcoran, Sweta Patel, Vinicius Aschidamini, Roy McDonald, Jason Hall, Jonathan Gilinski MARY...
unstoppable focus
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8 Surprising Strategies for Unstoppable Focus

In today’s microwave society—where more data is created in one year than the last 5,000 years—it’s a herculean task to stay focused. Getting distracted may seem innocuous, but the consequences are disastrous over time: lost productivity, falling revenues, and a gnawing ever-present sense of missed opportunities. Grace Lackey | The Oracles These overachievers and members...
gig economy
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How the Gig Economy is Transforming Entrepreneurship

Think about the last time you trekked across town, ordered food or looked for a place to stay in a new city. The common thread linking all three experiences is that, chances are, you used an app that relies on workers in the gig economy. The gig economy isn’t just limited to the service and...
cofounder prenup
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The Cofounder Prenup and Why Your Startup Needs One

The best way to ensure that you and your cofounder have a happy healthy life together is to consciously get on the same page initially. If cofounders are like spouses, a healthy relationship may not need a ring, but it does need a prenup. There are two kinds of prenups: a legal agreement and an...
startup success
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How to Achieve Startup Success from Day 1

The decision to take the leap into starting your own business is never an easy one, regardless of your experience or industry. But as venture capital (VC) firms grow, with the average seed deal growing from $1.7 million to $4.6 million in the last decade, more and more people are breaking into the startup ecosystem....
on purpose leadership
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Business Leaders Need to Master These 2 Problems

  Excerpt from "On Purpose Leadership: Master the Art of Leading Yourself to Inspire and Impact Others"  by Dominick Quartuccio. Copyright © 2021 Dominick Quartuccio. Reproduced by permission of TCK Publishing.   As someone who has worked with hundreds of leaders and teams, in both business and personal environments, I see two connected problems in...
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Gen Z’s Mindset of Purpose Fuels a New Business Model

In September 2021, 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs. We’re hearing about the Great Resignation everywhere--on TikTok and Forbes and everything in between. The industries affected are vast, and the reasons are highly variable. The common denominator, however, seems to be that there is a widespread shift in mindset among American workers that may no...
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How to Take the Leap and Change Your Life

The following is excerpted from “Jump: Dare to Do What Scares You in Business and Life” by Kim Perell, pp. 3-7 (HarperCollins Leadership, November 2021).   It’s scary looking down. Especially when there’s a lot at stake. You know those decisions that make your heart race and your palms sweat? The ones that are so...
company values
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Company Values Provide a Plan of Attack to Get Back on Track

Excerpted from "The Minimalist Entrepreneur: How Great Founders Do More With Less" by Sahil Lavingia, in agreement with Portfolio, an imprint of Penguin Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. Copyright © Sahil Lavingia, 2021.   Whenever I have to decide what to do next, I ask myself the question Gary Keller poses...
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What Makes an Impact Player and How You Can Be One, Too

Modified excerpt from "Impact Players: How to Take the Lead, Play Bigger, and Multiply Your Impact" by Liz Wiseman. Copyright © 2021 by the author and reprinted by permission of Harper Business.   While everyone brings capability and intelligence to their jobs, much like a card game, some people seem to play their hand better...
business with purpose
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How to Build a Business with Purpose

For decades, business leaders treated purpose as an afterthought, if they thought about it at all —a donation or volunteer program to be supported after it had achieved its business goals. But times are changing. According to a survey conducted by Green Print, 64% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products. What’s...
Play Nice But Win
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Michael Dell Explains the Values That Make His Company So Successful Excerpted from "PLAY NICE BUT WIN: A CEO’s Journey from Founder to Leader," published Oct. 5, 2021, by Portfolio, an imprint of the Penguin Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House, LLC. Copyright © 2021 by Michael Dell.   Back in November 1988, a few months after we went public, I wrote a...
common mistakes
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Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make in Their Business Journey

Are you finally ready to be your own boss and launch a new business? You probably already have your business plan written up and are ready to introduce your products or services to the market. However, before you start all of your marketing and operational activities, take a moment to think about what you should...