Cool Company of the day: Airforce Nutrisoda

18 Apr 2006

Rich Sloan

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Staying on the beverage theme…, I was passing through the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport Friday of last week and was thirsting for a soda.

So, I walked into the magazine/snack store. My eyes were instantly drawn to a cool array of slender cans in the open cooler. They were cans of "Nutrisoda," sold by Air Force.


There were about 5 or 6 different solid-colored cans, each with a distinctive, easy-to-understand single word emblazoned on the front like "FOCUS" or "SLENDER".

The really cool thing was that the products filled a specific niche. For the person who loved a carbonated beverage (a soda like diet coke), but who doesn’t want any of the garbage in it, this drink is a home run.

It’s a really competitive product category, and I have no idea if this new brand will make it, but it just seems to me to be very niche, very well executed, and very well-positioned in terms of distribution.

Check out the website – it’s cool too!

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