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Cool Company of the Day: Turn Your Head

To coin a phrase, everything old is cool again, and it took a woodworker who thought just like that to come up with our cool company of the day. Tom Bashara started his Colorado Springs-based...
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Cool Company of the day: PODS

"Cool" comes in many forms. PODS hits the "Cool Company of the Day" list largely due to the sheer convenience of their innovative moving and storage service. (But it's cool also based on the growth...
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Cool Company of the day: Airforce Nutrisoda

Staying on the beverage theme..., I was passing through the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport Friday of last week and was thirsting for a soda. So, I walked into the magazine/snack store. My eyes were instantly drawn...
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Cool Company of the day: Tea Forte

We were let down when we went to to research more about the product we'd recently been wowwed by - we thought we were on the cutting edge of discovering a hot new product....
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Cool Company of the day: Spot Runner

Ever wanted to do a TV ad campaign for your business? Not a problem. Even the thought of it sounds too pricey? Not a problem. Don't know how in the world you'd shoot and create...
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Cool Company of the day: Vital Choice Seafood

This one comes from community member Carolyn - one of StartupNation's biggest advocates and a huge healthnut! (We like that about Carolyn - we, too, try to live in a healthy and sustainable manner and...
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Cool Company of the day: Cocktails by Jenn

Picture this: You're in your hotel room in Vegas. You want to party BEFORE you even get down to the strip. You think, a Cosmo (=the popular martini beloved by women) would be great right...
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Cool Company of the day: Foot Petals

This one was recommended by a StartupNation community member with sore feet apparently - a problem a lot of women (and men) deal with. The Cool Company of the day is Foot Petals, the brainchild...