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12 May 2006

Rich Sloan

Rich Sloan is chief startupologist and co-founder of StartupNation and host of StartupNation podcasts. He is also co-author of the acclaimed how-to book, StartupNation: America's Leading Entrepreneurial Experts Reveal the Secrets to Building a Blockbuster Business. Rich encourages you to make a comment under his blog posts or send him a personal message at member nickname, "Rich," here at StartupNation.

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We love red wine – a lot. It’s partly the flavor, partly the infinite variety and nuances of taste, partly knowing the work and thinking that goes into that taste, partly the history and concept of it, and partly it’s that it’s supposedly healthy for you in good measure.

But remembering your favorites, storing the undrunk bottles, knowing where you can buy a new wine you’ve discovered at a restaurant are not always the easiest things to do.

That’s why is so cool! It’s a free site that allows you to type in some basic registration information, creating your preference profile, and then turning you on to a vast world of wine information and options available to you.

It simplifies the process of knowing when a bottle is at its best and ready to be opened. It tells you best years and variations from the vintner. It tells you where it’s available. And it allows you to keep your collection inventoried and organized.

Adding to the case for "Cool" is how this service is positioned to generate revenue: note the ads and links to pay-for services sprinkled throughout. Talk about a pre-qualified audience to market wine-related products to!

Stay tuned for more. For now, we’re going to break out a 2002 Robert Biale Zinfandel Black Chicken (750ml).

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