Ever wanted to do a TV ad campaign for your business?

Not a problem.

Even the thought of it sounds too pricey?

Not a problem.

Don’t know how in the world you’d shoot and create the commercial itself?

Not a problem.

Enter Spot Runner, a new service that packages up your specific advertising message with pre-produced footage. There are dozens of stock commercials they have in their inventory that you can recraft as your own.

The L.A.-based online startup, currently in beta, also allows for quick selection of which TV market you want to advertise in, what kind of frequency and dayparts you seek and what such a campaign would cost.

Spot Runner is particularly cool given that,

1) This is all online and about as automated as it could possibly be

2) It replaces entrepreneurs’ confusion about this traditional form of advertising with knowledge, power and options to get going.

Do you think they’re cool like we do? Would you use their service?

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