Cool Company of the day: PODS

"Cool" comes in many forms. PODS hits the "Cool Company of the Day" list largely due to the sheer convenience of their innovative moving and storage service. (But it’s cool also based on the growth potential.)

You may have seen the PODS ads on TV or perhaps your neighbor has one of the crisp white PODS storage containers setting temporary roots in their driveway.

Moving has to be one of the most stressful undertakings known to man and PODS makes things just a little less crazy. Take this scenario…

The old way: You pack and box your possessions while slowly your home’s creature comforts give way to cardboard boxes everywhere and a sense that your closing days in this home will be like living in a shipping and receiving warehouse. The already difficult experience of moving is made all the more challenging as you realized the mover’s arriving tomorrow and you have three day’s work to do. You rush rush rush, frenzied to have everything finished in time.

The PODS way: They drop off a clean storage container the size of an empty truck trailer in your driveway. They hand you the key. You fill it with your possessions at your leisure, organizing things to your liking at your own pace. When you’re done, you call PODS and they come by to pick it up and transport it to your new location. They provide all of the materials you’ll need to do the job, including padding to keep things from being damaged in transport.

No more renting a U-Haul. No more rushing for the can-I-trust-these-guys-with-all-of-my-belongings movers. No more clutter in your home as you spend your last days in it. Instead, everything goes into the PODS storage container and moves when you say so.

And at a business level… PODS is a fast-growing franchise that’s serviced well over 300,000 customers so far…

So let’s add this up:

Convenient + Franchisable + Growing Fast = A Very Cool Company.

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