First day of spring: time to take those steps to starting a business

Spring has sprung. Well, it may not feel like it if you’re in Nebraska today (expecting a foot of snow) and I’ve always felt that the first day of spring is more of an encouragement that spring weather will be here soon than the reality of flowers and birds happily chirping. (Midwest boy, impatient for baseball season)

So how about this for anyone who’s been thinking about taking steps to starting up a business of your own … choose to make this opening day of spring the beginning of your season of entrepreneurship. Maybe you’re in the midst of considering a midlife career change or maybe you’ve been waiting for just the right day to get going on starting up a small business.

What better day than the first day of spring? New beginnings, fresh hope in the air.

OK, enough of the encouragement, let’s get down to business. And here’s where all of you current entrepreneurs can join in the conversation and help a brother or sister out. Take a quick look at the 10 steps to starting your dream business. Pick one and share some personal in the trenches insight.

How about step 3 Create a Business Plan? Did you actually do that? Was it helpful? Did it take longer than you anticipated?

Look at step 6 Find the Funding. How did you fund your startup business? Was it a bank loan, bootstrapping using credit cards or money from friends & family? Are you glad you did it the way you did? What would you do differently next time?

Let’s hear from some StartupNation community members who have truly taken the 10 Steps to Open for Business to heart and created a Life Plan first. The Sloan brothers and the entire StartupNation team swear by it. What do you say?

Because here’s the thing … (get ready for the inevitable and shameless baseball analogy) … Every new season begins with a time of spring training. You take inventory of your strengths and make certain that you play to them. You assess your weaknesses and address how you will improve them. And then, when opening day comes, you walk out onto that field and start swinging.

Play ball!

Start it up!

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