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Joel Welsh, Chief Community Officer, is also the CEO of a new startup company ... Showcase U. Joel shares behind the scenes key decisions being made in the "Birth of a Startup" and knocks it out of the park to provide his own entrepreneurial wisdom.

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You don’t have to do it all yourself. In fact, you can’t. Entrepreneurs all have a certain amount of maverick "I can do it alone" attitude, but real success comes when we can step aside and allow others to play important roles.

We do it all the time here at StartupNation. The guests that we have on the radio show bring an expertise that enhances the wisdom that we provide directly to our community. This week’s show will feature Rich Karlgaard, the publisher of Forbes Magazine. Our On Demand Seminars often have expert commentators that dig into a specific topic for an entire 30 minutes.

The U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA) provides detailed content on loans and grants, so we link to them. We provide a 10 Steps to Open For Business plan, so the SBA links to us.

Even if you are a solo entrepreneur in a home based business, you are not alone! So grab some partners, swing ’em around, and keep living that entrepreneurial American dream. Or if you haven’t yet … Start it up!

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