I Appeared on ABC News Now – Promoting Home-Based Business

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I appeared on ABC News Now, ABC’s online initiative, in an interview with Tory Johnson. She was great and it was yet another opportunity to offer advice for smart home-based business practices as well as to encourage people to enter the 2008 StartupNation Home-Based 100.

Click on the screenshot directly below to view the video.

How did I get this opportunity? Through the amazing efforts of our stellar PR folks at Borders + Gratehouse, specifically Emily and Kathleen who own the company and JUST moved from their home offices to a brick-n-mortar location in San Francisco. I’ve found renewed confidence in the value of PR firms in working with them and highly recommend them to companies wishing to get the word out!

They were also able to create a great opportunity for a winner from last year’s Home-Based 100, Nina Frye of LTD Chix (who’s also been a guest on StatupNation Radio), and also for a contestant from this year’s Home-Based 100 competition, Ink Spot PR.

To find out more about home-based businesses and the 2008 Home-Based 100, visit:


Don’t you love it?!


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