Invention in the Spotlight – September


As autumn approaches, so does the season for savory “comfort foods” and holiday baking.  As you begin to pull out those spices from the back of the cupboard, spices like chili powder, oregano, nutmeg and cinnamon, consider how great it would be to have a convenient spice rack to both simplify storage and keep those frequently-used seasonings within easy reach.  Well, there is now such a product.  I am very proud to introduce the “Magic Spicer”!

This clever storage device mounts underneath kitchen cabinets with durable double-sided tape (no tools needed!).  Six embedded magnets in the track keep the transparent jars neatly aligned.  Best of all, the lid of each jar can be adjusted to desired aperture size, then no more screwing the lids on/off.  Just place the “open” jar into the self-sealing track and that’s it!  Truly one-handed convenience. 


See video demo for more info:


Inventor Simon Sunatori is seeking license and/or distribution opportunities for his invention and he has enlisted the help of our company, InventionHome.  If you’d like to learn about the steps of licensing your own invention, feel free to request information right here at StartupNation – Click to Request.


For more information about Invention Home you can visit the following websites –,,,,

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