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What You Need to Know Before Applying for a Patent

What should an inventor do almost immediately upon creating a new invention? They must file a patent application. A patent, according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is the grant of a property right to the inventor. Once a patent has been granted to its inventor, the term may last for up...
patent protection
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Shark Tank: A Case Study in Patent Protection for Startups

Many startups struggle to determine when to obtain a patent, or whether to obtain one at all. Here, we’ll examine the show, “Shark Tank,” to demonstrate that it is important to first determine the marketability of a product and sustainability of the corresponding business before applying for patent protection. “Shark Tank” features a panel of...
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Why being second to market can make you a winner!

Wal Mart, Kroger, and Costco all have one thing in common that can teach all inventors a great lesson - being "second" to market can make you a winner! I just read an article about how Whole Foods has been losing ground to the likes of Wal Mart in the sales of organic foods -...
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5 Tips for Pitching Your Invention to ‘As Seen On TV’ Companies

Do you have an invention that is ready for prime time? Have you ever heard of the Snuggie, Total Gym or Ped Egg?  All three were mega hit infomercial products and inventions that generated hundreds of millions in sales making their creators very rich in the process (Total Gym generated over a billion in sales)....
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4th Annual ‘As Seen On TV’ Pitch Event Returns from InventionHome

InventionHome announces that their popular DRTV Product Summit will return for a 4th consecutive year to the campus of Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, PA on October 22, 2014. The DRTV (Direct Response Television) Product Summit offers inventors the opportunity to present their products in person and privately to some of the most influential companies...
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InventionHome Product Spotlight – “Spin’nStor”

Here comes November!  Gone are the lazy days of summer and the relaxing autumn evenings.  The holidays are now bearing down, and it is officially “busy” season!  Time is truly precious, and that’s one reason that we see many inventions that were designed to SAVE TIME.   One such invention comes from Ruth G. of San...
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Inventor on TV! How She Got on the NBC Today Show

My very dear friend and client Kathy Lancaster, is appearing on TV! The Today Show, specifically, with Kathy Lee Gifford at 10 AM EST with her amazing fashion accessory Kapelli Ear Covers! How did she do it? Kathy and I have been working on her manufacturing project for one year now, and her shipment of...
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Invention in the Spotlight – September

INTRODUCING - MAGIC SPICER As autumn approaches, so does the season for savory “comfort foods” and holiday baking.  As you begin to pull out those spices from the back of the cupboard, spices like chili powder, oregano, nutmeg and cinnamon, consider how great it would be to have a convenient spice rack to both simplify...
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Invention In The Spotlight – august (girl in bikini reads book)

  No, the invention of the month is not the girl in the bikini; it is the clever floating bookstand she’s using to read in the hot tub! Each month, I like to provide the StartUpNation inventor community with one invention that seems to catch people’s attention, whether it’s the creative nature and uniqueness of...
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How to make money….when you’re not busy!

Boy, it sure does sound like that is a silly thing to say? How do you make money when you do not have work? Well, it isn’t easy...but you can do it. My husband lost his job two months ago, after 25 years in aerospace… who has issues? He is OK though because: 1) He...
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Ideas floating in the ether

It's grey today in Michigan - someone owes me big for taking away a sunny summer day. In honor of a somewhat dour Sunday, I wanted to share a a somewhat dour (but hopefully moving) message once told to me by a bright young venture capitalist: an idea entitles you to very little. Here are...
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Philly Cheese Steaks

Some of the greatest entrepreneurial inspirations have centered around food. You've probably heard the story of the ice cream vendor who ran out of cups one day and rolled up a waffle to hold the ice cream – thus the ice cream cone was born. But do you know the story of the Philadelphia Cheese...
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Bob Plath invented what?

Do you know who Bob Plath is? Read to the end, and you will! All we have to say to start out is, "Thank You, Bob Plath! You are a savior!!!" Our week-long road trip up and down the west coast is over. FINALLY, we're back home. We met some amazing entrepreneurs, as we always...