Inventor on TV! How She Got on the NBC Today Show

My very dear friend and client Kathy Lancaster, is appearing on TV! The Today Show, specifically, with Kathy Lee Gifford at 10 AM EST with her amazing fashion accessory Kapelli Ear Covers! How did she do it?

Kathy and I have been working on her manufacturing project for one year now, and her shipment of Kapelli ear covers has finally landed here in the USA. Kathy, being the very savvy business woman she is, went to work immediately putting together the team she would need to take her product to the next level, and boy is this product moving……

In any business, you must always have the team to help a product successfully move through the maze and on to the next level. All entrepreneurs experience this, and luckily Kathy sought out the the right people to help her form the start.

First– she hired an experienced manufacturing agent (myself) to get her program done with trusted factories overseas.

Second– She hired a very talented PR person, who is well connected. She hired Erin Saxton of the Idea Network, who is a new product PR expert. Visit her at Erin assisted Kathy with her pitch,  she has all the right connections, and bang, Kathy has the TODAY Show! You have to love the power of alignments!

Third– She is collaborating with retail product placement experts to show buyers this item, with high expectations that the product will have retail placement nationwide in mass retailers.

Fourth– and most importantly- Kathy is prepared to take this type of phenomenal TV opportunity and exploit it for as long as she can. She needs to do this because opportunities like this do NOT come along often, and she needs to ride the way for as long as she can for additional exposure.

When you are looking to get your item on a national TV show, partner with the industry experts to help you. It saves time and money in the long run, believe me. Producers use trusted agents to get them products and show ideas, they depend on it daily. Any good agent is worth their weight in GOLD!

The result, the product will appear as a guest host promo item tomorrow morning with Kathy Lee Gifford!

Always ream Big!

Kim Babjak

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