Knowing the right moment to start up your dream business

How do you know the right moment to actually make the leap–to start your dream business?

One of our best friends is a woman–we’ll call her "Jan" for privacy–who works for a big corporation in a CRM capacity (customer relationship management). She sits in a cubicle with an entire department of other CRM people in their cubicles.

She’s smart, she’s informed, she’s a self-starter, she’s got great instincts, great taste and style, and she’s got a generousness about her that’s really special. And Jan’s always "talking" about starting her dream business–a restaurant.

The idea has been haunting her for a decade. She used to manage a restaurant in Chicago and developed a real love for the business of hospitality. She often describes the niche she would fill with her restaurant concept. She’s confident she could get some people to back her financially. She even knows of a few locations that seem like great spots for the restaurant concept.

But like so many people, she’s got a "secure" job that pays the bills. She probably has a bright future there, too.

In your experience, how does "Jan" know when it’s the right time to leave the corporate world behind to start up her restaurant? If she can’t find "the writing on the wall" to tell, perhaps you can!

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